“Put a baby in a crib 
with an apple & a rabbit.
If the baby eats the rabbit & plays with the apple 
i’ll buy you a new car!”

Welcome to Vegan Vantage

At Vegan Vantage we want to make changing to a Vegan Diet easy for everyone!

The last few years Veganism has grown massively!

Many Celebrities now boast about how a Plant Based Vegan Diet has helped them to shed excess weight & improve their overall health. Many Athletes are making the change as it has been shown to enhance Athletic performance
Vegans have been shown to live longer too! 🙂

Vegan Diets

I’ve been Vegan for the last 9 years & Veganism has changed a lot since 2010

When I started following a Vegan Diet I would have been lucky to find one carton of Soya Milk in the local supermarket.

Today supermarkets are filling up fast with the latest Vegan Food, Beauty & Cleaning Products

There are so many to choose from & try. Depending on the type of Vegan Diet you chose to follow it can become very costly.

Those new to Veganism wont yet know what products taste good or what beauty products actually work & will likely waste time & money figuring this all out. This is why Vegan Vantage was created!

Vegans that have tried & tested the products can share their knowledge, giving help & guidance to people new to the lifestyle 

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